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About us

Built by People Inspired by Automation in Accounting!

The world has changed over the last two decades. But accounting processes have remained the same - manual, time-consuming, and complicated. They have become digital for sure but disorganized and chaotic at the same time.


Buktec, India’s first accounting automation software, is designed by finance consultants, accountants, experienced product designers, and enthusiastic coders to bring the best pre-accounting solutions to you.


We aim to take pre-accounting to the next level.

Solving a Massive Problem with Pre-Accounting Automation in India

Our research shows that the amount of time spent collating accounting data and information is 3x more than the time required for actual accounting. Reason is simple – manual process, broken communication with accountant and missing information. It's a time-consuming, inefficient, and costly way to work.


We have come up with a solution for it through Buktec. Buktec is a cloud and mobile-based SaaS platform that uses AI / ML to simplify, digitize, and automate back-office accounting processes for SMEs.


We believe that the next generation of finance teams would not be spending time on manual work, carrying out their day-to-day finance operations. Instead, they would perform critical tasks like analysing & tracking key metrics relevant to the company's growth. Buktec’s core capabilities serve this futuristic situation!

Our Mission

Optimize accounting cost & efforts for small businesses

Expand earning opportunities for accounting firms

Our Team

CA Jitendra Tatiya

(Founder & CEO)

17 years of experience across fields of Accounting, consulting, and Risk management.

Rajesh Mahale

(Co-Founder & CTO)

25+ years of Experience across all areas of tech development. Worked in USA / UK & Canada. Ex-founder of a Pharma tech company

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Experience the power of accounting process automation

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