Seamlessly Bridging the Distance – Buktec’s Solution for Factory and Accounting Teams at Geographically Different Locations

Seamlessly Bridging the Distance - Buktec's Solution for Factory and Accounting Teams at Geographically Different Locations

Client Overview

Our client Groupon (name changed due to confidentiality) is a dynamic company based out of Noida with factories located in one region and their accounting team operating from a different geographic location. The geographical separation between their manufacturing unit and the accounting department posed significant challenges in terms of timely information sharing, logistics, and compliance. Seeking a solution to bridge this gap and facilitate real-time data exchange, they turned to Buktec.


The client encountered several challenges due to the geographical separation of their factory and accounting team:
  • Physical Document Exchange: In the absence of a digital system, the factory had to rely on physical documents that were shipped to the accounting team. This process was both time-consuming and prone to logistics issues.
  • Delayed Information Sharing: Shipping documents resulted in delayed information transfer. The accounting team was unable to access critical data in real time, leading to compliance delays and potential penalties.
  • Loss of Information: Occasionally, documents get lost during transit, resulting in the loss of valuable data and causing operational disruptions.

Buktec Solution

Buktec’s innovative solution revolutionized the client’s approach to information exchange between their factory and accounting teams, despite their geographical separation:
  • Mobile Document Upload: Using a simple mobile camera, factory personnel could easily upload relevant documents to the Buktec platform, converting physical data into digital format.
  • Real-Time Data Sharing: The accounting team received the uploaded documents in real-time. This facilitated daily accounting processes, allowing for the swift and accurate compilation of financial data.


The implementation of Buktec’s solution led to a transformative experience for our client, successfully addressing their challenges:
  • Efficient Information Exchange: The ability to upload documents using a mobile camera significantly streamlined the process of sharing critical data between the factory and accounting team.
  • Real-Time Accounting: Real-time data sharing allowed the accounting team to complete daily accounting tasks more efficiently, reducing delays and compliance-related issues.
  • Enhanced Data Security: The digital transfer of documents reduced the risk of data loss during transit, ensuring data integrity and security.


Buktec’s solution effectively bridged the geographical gap between the client’s factory and accounting teams. The streamlined process of mobile document upload and real-time data sharing eliminated logistical issues, reduced delays, and enhanced the efficiency of their accounting operations. The implementation of Buktec’s solution marked a significant step toward a more seamless, efficient, and secure data exchange process between geographically separate teams, ultimately supporting the client’s business operations and compliance objectives.

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